Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: The Perfect Wii Family Game

The Nintendo Wii is no doubt one of the best family gaming consoles currently available, but even after you purchase it, you have the issue of deciding what games to play. One great game that is not only fun for the whole family, but is also a great workout, is the Nintendo title Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.
This game is extremely exciting and an overall good time. Judging by the title, most people make two assumptions, it will either be very easy or too hard. This is not true, after you have a little experience with the game it becomes much easier and great fun. The intro movie to the game really sets the mood as it gloriously shows all the characters and some of the events that lie ahead for you in the game.

The only real downside to the game is that the load times for the individual events are slightly length, but nothing that will ruin the overall experience for you.

The best place to get started in the game is the Single Match Mode. This lets you jump into many of the events on a beginner level. There are also on screen instructions for you so you know exactly what you are doing.

If you have a Wii, you really should go out and get this game. Remember to have fun but don’t get too tired! One of the best things you can do is combining some of the more active events like running and swimming with easier ones like the Shot Put.