Ilomilo Game Review for the Xbox 360

If you are looking for a cutie-pie game, you may want to take a look at Southend Interactive’s Ilomilo for the Xbox 360.
At first glance I was instantly reminded of the PlayStation 3 mega hit LittleBigPlanet, but LBP it is not.

The much more sinister Ilomilo gets it’s unusually name by simply combining the two main characters . The red colored Ilo and the blue colored Milo. The two buddies become dumbfounded when a path that leads to their regular visits to the park, constantly changed every day. However, as simplistic as this may sound, the first few minutes are just a precursor to the devilish events to come.

Submersed in a three dimensional world, your ultimate goal is to reunite the odd couple, but things aren’t as easy as they seem. Feeling like I was playing a game geared towards a five year old, Southend Interactive’s simplistic approach is towered by the complexity of the puzzles.

The puzzles revolve around cubes and gaps, as some cubes can be used as elevators, others to fill in gaps. However, each puzzle only allows for two to three cube maneuvers per level. Even the simple task of jumping takes some help, most times in the form of a trap door or a ramp.

In a world where up can be down and down can be up, the way you land on cubes can be critical in finding a solution to the puzzle.

As complex as the puzzles may seem, Ilomilo never lets it completely get out of hand, although I do remember throwing my controller at the wall at one point in the game. Seeing as it is a puzzle game, camera control is limited in what it can do, your only options being to zoom in and out, but thankfully the learning curve is simple. The graphics are superb, by that I mean the presentation is refreshingly original.

With leaderboards , bonus levels and tons of collectibles Ilomilo has enough features to keep you submersed in the game for a long time.

While the issues with game play are minor, they become an annoyance when you’re stuck on a puzzle for an hour because there is no full 360 degree perspective, which is a must for any 3D puzzle game.

Ilomilo is an intellectually stimulating puzzle game that is well worth its weight in silver . It would be gold if Southend manages to get some of the camera issues addressed. I am guessing the sequel is going to be even better.