Clash Royale: Game’s history

After Clash of Clans, Supercell developed a new card based, freemium, fastpaced mobile video game named Clash Royale. This is a game based on making strategies, and this game can only be played in multi-player mode. Clash Royale was released all over the world on 2nd March 2016 by Supercell for both IOS and Android platforms. This game reached $ 1 billion revenue in a year after its official unveiling.

In this game, players will be ranked according to the number of trophies they can collect. Like clash of clans here also attacking other players or defend their team from other player’s attack will help the players to earn experience points and experience points will help the players to level up in this game. The highest level one player can reach in this game is level thirteen. Players have to go on multiple battles to collect more trophies.

This game can be played on 12 spots, and those are Barbarian Bowl, Bone Pit, Goblin Stadium, Royal Arena, Jungle Arena, Spell Valley, Hog Mountain, Frozen Peak, Builder’s Workshop, Electro Valley, P. E. K. K. A’s Playhouse and Legendary Arena. Here Tutorial Arena and Training Camp are excluded. Players can unlock each of this spots or areas to a certain level of trophy count or a certain number of winning trophies.

In this game, various things will help a player to unlock more resources to level up. Those are:





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These are some of the most important factors to gather more resources and to level up in Clash Royale.

League and Tournaments in Clash Royale:


Clash Royale Leagues:

Supercell added league features to this game in March 2017. If a player can succeed to win more than 4000 trophies, then they will be placed on one of the nine various league status named Challenger 1 (˘the starting one) to Ultimate Championship( the last league). At the end of every season, players will be rewarded with the highest achievement they can unlock in that season playing in that particular league. In the new game mode, the most interesting update that is included in this league feature is in clan battles two players from the same clan can face and attack two completely different players from a whole other clan staying side by side.

Clash Royale Tournaments:

Tournament feature is introduced in Clash Royale in July 2016. Normal battles and tournaments are pretty much similar, but every card is leveled down differently in a tournament like here legendary cards are level 1, epic cards are level 4, rare cards are level 7, common cards are level 9. Players can create a tournament with other clan members by using gems, and they can only use the cards in level 8. In every tournament, the creator gets to choose the password and the type of the password like public or protected, and the other players participating in that tournament can only see the password. Tournament chests will be rewarded to every player based on the performance of the tournament.

There is also Victory challenges involved in the tournament where every player has to win 12 times, but they cannot stand to lose it more than three times. 100 gems are needed to enter a grand challenge, and ten gems are needed to enter a classic challenge in every tournament. After completing every classic challenge in tournament players will be rewarded with 2000 gold and 100 cards and in case of a grand challenge, it will be 22,000 gold and 1100 cards.

Keep this thing in mind and participate in every war or battle to bottle up any Clash Royale league or tournaments.