If you have already played the game Growtopia then you already know how hard it is to get a name for your world. In fact, it is one of the hardest things to do in the game after creating a creative username. Let’s learn more about starting a world in the game.

Starting a World in the Game

When you try to name a world, you need to keep in mind that you are not the only player out there but there are actually millions of players there. After knowing this you may wish to have joined the network earlier but that’s okay now. Once you are done creating your ID and have passed the START option a screen will pop up in the screen where you will get to see the list of the worlds that other players have already created. You will also notice a search bar on the top. However, you should know that these are only a few of the worlds that the other players have created otherwise there are thousands of other worlds there too.

In order to win a world, you will need what is called the world lock or WL. With the help of the world locks, you can lock your world. You can get world locks from the shop which appears as an icon in the right hand of your screen which will be indicated by the world shop with a gem beside it. The one thing that you need to know that world locks will cost you 2000 gems which you can earn in the game by breaking blocks. The rarer the block, the more gems you get. Other than that you can also earn world locks by selling and buying items in the game.

All you have to do is just enter the name of the world in the search box and it will go that particular world. However, you should know that if the world name entered by you already have a world lock then, it means that the world has already been taken or occupied by someone else. This is the reason why you need to be more creative with your world names. Once you get hold of a world which doesn’t have a world lock, you can take possession of that world and no one can claim it any further. This simply shows the important of a world lock and how important it is to use a growtopia hack if you want to get them FAST.

Well, now that you know how getting a world works in the game, hopefully, you will do well in the game.

Fire Battleground is an online game which you can play on your Android or iOS device. It is a game which can be played in a solo mode. Here the player will be landed with the help of parachute to an Island which will be completely isolated from all the other places. Now there will be 30 more competitors who will fight with each other to survive till the last. You have to target in winning all the war so that you can get more weapons or ammunition as well as the island with shrink with time so that you can also survive there. So this is a very strategic game as well as interesting, so it has a huge number of addictive players.

To make the game easier, you can always use some hacks but before that using some tricks and clever strategies will be a great idea.

Tips to keep in mind while playing the game

When the game begins, you will be landed in an isolated area. So try to select a position from the map where there will be no competitors because if you start to fight at the beginning of the game, then chances of losing it will be high. So get some more resources, ammunition to give a tough competition to your competitors.

After you land in the location, then you should look for places where you can build your camp and keep all the gears and equipment. In the beginning, you have to pick up everything that you find in front of you, and in the later stages, you will have to choose. And one thing that you should always keep in mind and that is upgrading the equipment because you have to make your weapons stronger than before.

There are different kinds of weapon which are used in this game. When you will select a weapon make sure that you are comfortable with those weapons. The game has a pistol which you can use for targeting the close ranges. The shotgun can be used for quickly defeating the enemies who are in the nearby areas. It has submachine guns which are great for the beginners as they are very stable, but they are unable to attack places with a large diameter. If you are very much skilled, then you can use the assault rifle which can cause high damage even at long distance.

But before you use the free Fire Battleground hack, you have to scrutinize the website, and the following things that you should check are mentioned below.

Check the reviews of the generator or hacking tool to see whether you can get the diamonds with the free fire battlegrounds hack.

If the website is demanding for money in return for resources, then you should completely avoid it because it can lead to money theft.

Do not provide any personal information on this website.

There are some minor risks which are associated with these hacks. So be careful before using them.

After Clash of Clans, Supercell developed a new card based, freemium, fastpaced mobile video game named Clash Royale. This is a game based on making strategies, and this game can only be played in multi-player mode. Clash Royale was released all over the world on 2nd March 2016 by Supercell for both IOS and Android platforms. This game reached $ 1 billion revenue in a year after its official unveiling.

In this game, players will be ranked according to the number of trophies they can collect. Like clash of clans here also attacking other players or defend their team from other player’s attack will help the players to earn experience points and experience points will help the players to level up in this game. The highest level one player can reach in this game is level thirteen. Players have to go on multiple battles to collect more trophies.

This game can be played on 12 spots, and those are Barbarian Bowl, Bone Pit, Goblin Stadium, Royal Arena, Jungle Arena, Spell Valley, Hog Mountain, Frozen Peak, Builder’s Workshop, Electro Valley, P. E. K. K. A’s Playhouse and Legendary Arena. Here Tutorial Arena and Training Camp are excluded. Players can unlock each of this spots or areas to a certain level of trophy count or a certain number of winning trophies.

In this game, various things will help a player to unlock more resources to level up. Those are:





A Clash Royale Hack

These are some of the most important factors to gather more resources and to level up in Clash Royale.

League and Tournaments in Clash Royale:


Clash Royale Leagues:

Supercell added league features to this game in March 2017. If a player can succeed to win more than 4000 trophies, then they will be placed on one of the nine various league status named Challenger 1 (˘the starting one) to Ultimate Championship( the last league). At the end of every season, players will be rewarded with the highest achievement they can unlock in that season playing in that particular league. In the new game mode, the most interesting update that is included in this league feature is in clan battles two players from the same clan can face and attack two completely different players from a whole other clan staying side by side.

Clash Royale Tournaments:

Tournament feature is introduced in Clash Royale in July 2016. Normal battles and tournaments are pretty much similar, but every card is leveled down differently in a tournament like here legendary cards are level 1, epic cards are level 4, rare cards are level 7, common cards are level 9. Players can create a tournament with other clan members by using gems, and they can only use the cards in level 8. In every tournament, the creator gets to choose the password and the type of the password like public or protected, and the other players participating in that tournament can only see the password. Tournament chests will be rewarded to every player based on the performance of the tournament.

There is also Victory challenges involved in the tournament where every player has to win 12 times, but they cannot stand to lose it more than three times. 100 gems are needed to enter a grand challenge, and ten gems are needed to enter a classic challenge in every tournament. After completing every classic challenge in tournament players will be rewarded with 2000 gold and 100 cards and in case of a grand challenge, it will be 22,000 gold and 1100 cards.

Keep this thing in mind and participate in every war or battle to bottle up any Clash Royale league or tournaments.

The game of Hay Day is regarded as an international game, being free-premium where the gameplay can be stated as a farming simulator video game. This game has been developed by the Finnish company of video game named Supercell. Hay Day is available both on Android and iOS devices. The name ‘Hay Day’ is said to be a portmanteau of the terms ‘hay and ‘hey day’ which can be considered as old fashioned expression denoting a time phase of happiness and prosperity.

Features and Gameplay The gameplay includes, planting crops, harvesting them, cultivation of bushes and trees, raising animals along with pet in the farm and crafting different products. Players here can do good trading of goods with the visitors or the non players and also with other players in order to earn coins for making progress in the game levels.

Levelling up in the game is another essential factor as players will be provided with more game features, crops, building and other items as they make progress within the game. The town and the fishing lake are another two additional playing areas which get unlocked as one reaches to certain level.

Players can buy various decorations so as to spruce up their farm. Here, regular events take place, offering players with items which are rare and expensive as rewards for being victorious in the challenges. Players can also chat and assist each other and further compete for the rewards in the derby race.

Hay Day Tool Online

Here are few of the Hay Day Cheats which increase one’s chances of winning the game quickly. For levelling up the game, one need resources which are coins and diamonds for getting their own town built, thereby attracting great number of visitors.
One must know the significance of coins and thereby try and earn more of these. A coin can help a player in:

Purchasing farm items
Purchasing products for other players
Purchasing various items from the store
Getting the town and the fish lake unlocked

Also, the diamonds should be collected as often as one can as these help in:

Speeding up the levels
Purchasing decorations

People often are unaware of two other important items which can level up the game faster and they are:

Gift cards
Such hack tools enable the players in speeding up their wait times by purchasing any product or items that the wish, thereby building their farm that any visitor would be proud of visiting. Players can download such hack tools by following their security measures and be ready to gain an amazing gaming experience.