Fire Battleground is an online game which you can play on your Android or iOS device. It is a game which can be played in a solo mode. Here the player will be landed with the help of parachute to an Island which will be completely isolated from all the other places. Now there will be 30 more competitors who will fight with each other to survive till the last. You have to target in winning all the war so that you can get more weapons or ammunition as well as the island with shrink with time so that you can also survive there. So this is a very strategic game as well as interesting, so it has a huge number of addictive players.

To make the game easier, you can always use some hacks but before that using some tricks and clever strategies will be a great idea.

Tips to keep in mind while playing the game

When the game begins, you will be landed in an isolated area. So try to select a position from the map where there will be no competitors because if you start to fight at the beginning of the game, then chances of losing it will be high. So get some more resources, ammunition to give a tough competition to your competitors.

After you land in the location, then you should look for places where you can build your camp and keep all the gears and equipment. In the beginning, you have to pick up everything that you find in front of you, and in the later stages, you will have to choose. And one thing that you should always keep in mind and that is upgrading the equipment because you have to make your weapons stronger than before.

There are different kinds of weapon which are used in this game. When you will select a weapon make sure that you are comfortable with those weapons. The game has a pistol which you can use for targeting the close ranges. The shotgun can be used for quickly defeating the enemies who are in the nearby areas. It has submachine guns which are great for the beginners as they are very stable, but they are unable to attack places with a large diameter. If you are very much skilled, then you can use the assault rifle which can cause high damage even at long distance.

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Check the reviews of the generator or hacking tool to see whether you can get the diamonds with the free fire battlegrounds hack.

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All three Metroid Prime games will be packaged together in one disc. Metroid Prime Trilogy will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii on August 24.
The Metroid Prime series began on the Nintendo Gamecube. For years, Nintendo struggled with creating a 3D interpretation of their classic 2D action game franchise. Eventually, they will lean on Retro Studios, a newly established America company, to bring Metroid into the new generation.

Development for Metroid Prime was tough as Retro Studios had to abandon their other projects in order to focus all their attention at crafting the scrutinize title. The game wouldn’t see the light of day for years. After all, the trademarked varied gameplay of the unique 2D games were hard to duplicate into 3D.

Metroid Prime was finally released on the Nintendo Gamecube in November 17, 2002. Like its predecessors, the first 3D Metroid title is unlike any other video games that came before. While Metroid Prime is played in a first-person perspective, it isn’t really a shooting game. Instead, players will spend a majority of the time exploring, solving puzzles and using the various gadgets. Metroid Prime remains a true Metroid game at its core in spite of the move into 3D.

Despite the initial concerns, Metroid Prime went on to become one of the best games on the Nintendo Gamecube. Furthermore, it won numerous Game of the Year awards.

Two years later, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was released on the same system. The sequel added alternating dark and light world elements to the gameplay core of the first game. Moreover, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes included multiplayer modes for up to for four players. Although it wasn’t as highly praised as the original, the sequel also received critical acclaim.

The final game of the trilogy was released on August 27, 2007 on the Nintendo Wii. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption takes advantage of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck in order to create a more immersive experience due to the motion controls. Like the two prequels, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption got high marks among critics.

Metroid Prime Trilogy includes all three games on one disc. While Metroid Prime 3 remains the same, the two Nintendo Gamecube games, Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, will be enhanced with widescreen support, added motion controls and new in-game rewards.

The Metroid Prime Trilogy will retail for $49.99. That is quite a bargain price for one of the best Nintendo series ever. So if you haven’t played any of the three classics, make sure you pick up the compilation for the Nintendo Wii later this summer.

After Clash of Clans, Supercell developed a new card based, freemium, fastpaced mobile video game named Clash Royale. This is a game based on making strategies, and this game can only be played in multi-player mode. Clash Royale was released all over the world on 2nd March 2016 by Supercell for both IOS and Android platforms. This game reached $ 1 billion revenue in a year after its official unveiling.

In this game, players will be ranked according to the number of trophies they can collect. Like clash of clans here also attacking other players or defend their team from other player’s attack will help the players to earn experience points and experience points will help the players to level up in this game. The highest level one player can reach in this game is level thirteen. Players have to go on multiple battles to collect more trophies.

This game can be played on 12 spots, and those are Barbarian Bowl, Bone Pit, Goblin Stadium, Royal Arena, Jungle Arena, Spell Valley, Hog Mountain, Frozen Peak, Builder’s Workshop, Electro Valley, P. E. K. K. A’s Playhouse and Legendary Arena. Here Tutorial Arena and Training Camp are excluded. Players can unlock each of this spots or areas to a certain level of trophy count or a certain number of winning trophies.

In this game, various things will help a player to unlock more resources to level up. Those are:





A Clash Royale Hack

These are some of the most important factors to gather more resources and to level up in Clash Royale.

League and Tournaments in Clash Royale:


Clash Royale Leagues:

Supercell added league features to this game in March 2017. If a player can succeed to win more than 4000 trophies, then they will be placed on one of the nine various league status named Challenger 1 (˘the starting one) to Ultimate Championship( the last league). At the end of every season, players will be rewarded with the highest achievement they can unlock in that season playing in that particular league. In the new game mode, the most interesting update that is included in this league feature is in clan battles two players from the same clan can face and attack two completely different players from a whole other clan staying side by side.

Clash Royale Tournaments:

Tournament feature is introduced in Clash Royale in July 2016. Normal battles and tournaments are pretty much similar, but every card is leveled down differently in a tournament like here legendary cards are level 1, epic cards are level 4, rare cards are level 7, common cards are level 9. Players can create a tournament with other clan members by using gems, and they can only use the cards in level 8. In every tournament, the creator gets to choose the password and the type of the password like public or protected, and the other players participating in that tournament can only see the password. Tournament chests will be rewarded to every player based on the performance of the tournament.

There is also Victory challenges involved in the tournament where every player has to win 12 times, but they cannot stand to lose it more than three times. 100 gems are needed to enter a grand challenge, and ten gems are needed to enter a classic challenge in every tournament. After completing every classic challenge in tournament players will be rewarded with 2000 gold and 100 cards and in case of a grand challenge, it will be 22,000 gold and 1100 cards.

Keep this thing in mind and participate in every war or battle to bottle up any Clash Royale league or tournaments.


Protect Your Own Account


Protect your account

In the new era, everything is developed with the help of IT industry and provides a lot of benefits to us. You know what; there is the variety of methods available for the entertainment of people. People always want to go for the way which helps them to get entertained and also give them some other benefits. You can see that now the craze of Facebook is increasing day by day and people are using it on a wider scale. People are using this social networking site for the purpose of interaction and also for getting entertained. People are taking the advantages of its awesome benefits and also using it for communication. It is really a good way to talk with your friends without paying any cost or efforts. You just need an internet connection and you are able to do everything. How to hack Facebook is also getting fame and people are using it for securing their own account from the hackers and all.


No personal information required

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Finest details about Facebook hack

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Now the trend of playing games is increasing rapidly among the youngsters as well as the kids. People are searching for a game which is more interesting and allow them to show their skills. In such case, you can’t ignore the Simcity series and the one of the most played game is Simcity Buildit which grabs the more attention of the people. You should know about the requirements for downloading such game in your system. Smartphone users need Android 3.0 and the Apple users require at least 7.0. you can easily show your skills in this freemium game.

Let’s know about the facts of Simcity Buildit

People know that the game is more interesting and the best platform where users can easily show their efforts. When we talk about the Simcity Buildit cheats, you should know about the strategies and the different tricks to crack the game. It allows you to make your own city in which you can make different buildings like schools, industries and much more. In your city, there are the citizens who may suffer or thrive. You want to make them satisfied which is a hard task due to the increasing number of demands of the citizens. In this game, you have some factories which manufacture the different materials and you have to make something advanced with the help of such materials.

In addition, Simcity Buildit game is the one which has the high quality and 3D graphics which offers you to feel the game more realistic. You need to make some strategies for playing the games for placing the buildings and to complete the game well. If you want to see the every minor thing in the game, you should play it on a large screen or you can also zoom it and rotate to have a great experience.

The Nintendo Wii is no doubt one of the best family gaming consoles currently available, but even after you purchase it, you have the issue of deciding what games to play. One great game that is not only fun for the whole family, but is also a great workout, is the Nintendo title Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.
This game is extremely exciting and an overall good time. Judging by the title, most people make two assumptions, it will either be very easy or too hard. This is not true, after you have a little experience with the game it becomes much easier and great fun. The intro movie to the game really sets the mood as it gloriously shows all the characters and some of the events that lie ahead for you in the game.

The only real downside to the game is that the load times for the individual events are slightly length, but nothing that will ruin the overall experience for you.

The best place to get started in the game is the Single Match Mode. This lets you jump into many of the events on a beginner level. There are also on screen instructions for you so you know exactly what you are doing.

If you have a Wii, you really should go out and get this game. Remember to have fun but don’t get too tired! One of the best things you can do is combining some of the more active events like running and swimming with easier ones like the Shot Put.

If you are looking for a cutie-pie game, you may want to take a look at Southend Interactive’s Ilomilo for the Xbox 360.
At first glance I was instantly reminded of the PlayStation 3 mega hit LittleBigPlanet, but LBP it is not.

The much more sinister Ilomilo gets it’s unusually name by simply combining the two main characters . The red colored Ilo and the blue colored Milo. The two buddies become dumbfounded when a path that leads to their regular visits to the park, constantly changed every day. However, as simplistic as this may sound, the first few minutes are just a precursor to the devilish events to come.

Submersed in a three dimensional world, your ultimate goal is to reunite the odd couple, but things aren’t as easy as they seem. Feeling like I was playing a game geared towards a five year old, Southend Interactive’s simplistic approach is towered by the complexity of the puzzles.

The puzzles revolve around cubes and gaps, as some cubes can be used as elevators, others to fill in gaps. However, each puzzle only allows for two to three cube maneuvers per level. Even the simple task of jumping takes some help, most times in the form of a trap door or a ramp.

In a world where up can be down and down can be up, the way you land on cubes can be critical in finding a solution to the puzzle.

As complex as the puzzles may seem, Ilomilo never lets it completely get out of hand, although I do remember throwing my controller at the wall at one point in the game. Seeing as it is a puzzle game, camera control is limited in what it can do, your only options being to zoom in and out, but thankfully the learning curve is simple. The graphics are superb, by that I mean the presentation is refreshingly original.

With leaderboards , bonus levels and tons of collectibles Ilomilo has enough features to keep you submersed in the game for a long time.

While the issues with game play are minor, they become an annoyance when you’re stuck on a puzzle for an hour because there is no full 360 degree perspective, which is a must for any 3D puzzle game.

Ilomilo is an intellectually stimulating puzzle game that is well worth its weight in silver . It would be gold if Southend manages to get some of the camera issues addressed. I am guessing the sequel is going to be even better.

Bullet force is a multiplayer shooting game online developed by Lucas Wilde. This game also contains offline option, so you can enjoy the gameplay in any mode. If you want to have FPS gaming experience, the new bullet force is a right choice of game for you that will definitely take you to a new game level. The specialty of this bullet force game is completely equipped with an immense FPS fun in which the game has developed to work on the multiplayer mode. In this game, the player needs to fight against the enemies and win a battle. It also allows over 20 players to join in a same battle.

There are different 20 weapons available to choose on this game. The complete gear of soldier is also available that includes laser lights, multiple optics and barrel attachments. Once you start playing this game, it gives you complete freedom over the controls. It also enables you to play in any way that you want. Even there are some specific gaming modes available that greatly works offline. This means that you do not worry about whether your online internet connection is working or not. However, this bullet force game is going to work in anyway and also absolutely free to access the gameplay.

Download bullet force on PC windows and Mac

  • First, you download and install the android emulator like blue stacks on your PC
  • Download the bullet force APK file on your computer
  • Double click on the downloaded apk file, so the blue stacks will automatically begin to install it
  • Click on Apk button-> locate the apk file-> select to install it
  • Finally, start using it

Enjoy the game play of bullet force online

If you are an android user, you can easily grab this bullet force game from the play store right now. When you want to play this game on your PC, it is possible to do more than easy by just downloading and playing the bullet force on your desktop or PC. This game is compatible with all these platforms such as windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10 and OS X or Mac OS and so on. Even the android emulators like Blue stack, Blue stack 2, Remix OS or Andy OS also helps you to install this bullet force game for PC. When you scroll down, you will find a clear method of teaching the game play of bullet force within a matter of minutes.

Clash of Clans is now #1 online game

You can play games on your Smartphone and you may have heard about the popular MMO game called a clash of clans. Clash of clans is one of the longest-running and most popular games for Smartphones.  Clash of clans is now played by millions of active users worldwide. They become so popular amid thousands of available games in this saturated market of Smartphone.

How clash of clans became a most popular game?

The game can be played in both single-player and multiplayer mode. You can choose not to play any of the two gameplay modes. This gives users flexibility and choice. MMO refers to massively multiplayer online which is the type of game clash of clans. Clash of clans is limited to your Smartphone’s only. The game gives users the flexibility to play it for free but there is also a paid option. If you want to get ahead of the game then you can buy in-game currency called gems. These clash of clans free gems act as boosts.

Another important point to consider is simplicity. When you start playing, you will see how simple the interface is. You can easily buy into the game; this gives the players the ease of use they need to get comfortable with the game. You can actively keep on playing the game. This is basically the formula to creating an addictive game and concentrate on what your consumers need.

How clash of clans stands out from other MMO games available. They advertise a lot but it is really the intuitive gameplay that keeps the players coming back to it. When you create something new in the game and it will be highlighted. This will strengthen your defense making it difficult for the enemy to break through.

When you are building villages in the clash of clans then use the basics of urban planning in order to build a tightly spaced property. Add more weapons to your defense. Make sure that you can add more variety to your collection of weapons. Apart from this strengthening your defense, there will be unique abilities of these weapons will come in handy when trying to withhold an enemy attack. This will surely improve your chances of winning the game. This game is an interesting option that can keep you engaged all through the day.

Clash Royale is one of the most popular games in the present days and many people are eagerly playing this game since it has many interesting aspects that they desire. Those who are looking for a best game to enjoy their free time can prefer clash royale without any doubt. For sure they will have best time while playing this game. The major highlight about this game is it has the multiplayer option therefore the individuals can join with their dear ones and spend their free time in the exciting manner.

Actually the game play of this game is very simple therefore it will not be a big deal for the players to play this game. When you start playing this game, you will have to collect the cards and get the characters, spells and defensive elements. Meanwhile there will be some training sessions in which you will have to train the troop members. Once the training is over, you are able to go to the battle field and fight against the opponents. However, you will have to collect the resources which are very essential for the game otherwise you will not be able to do things properly.

But collecting resources will not be easy as people think and it will be very challenging for them. However, in order to get those things, the individuals should use the best and effective Clash Royale Hack for their purpose. Since many online platforms in the present days are having those tools, it will not be a trouble for the people to find them. But they should choose the best one for their purpose. It is because there are many fraud platforms which are cheating people in the name of hacking tools.

On a last note

If people prefer those platforms and use the hacking tools then they will have to deal with many problems. Some of the people will be very negligent and choose a hacking tool from a random site. Eventually they will be dealing with many malware programs and viruses. This is the main reason why people are recommended to prefer the best online hacking tools. There are many offline tools also therefore people who are interested to use those tools can find and use them. But they should remember the same things which are recommended for the online tools. If they are choosing the tool in the proper manner, they are able to avoid many unwanted problems.